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GRID Wall Panel System

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Functional, Durable and QUICK to install. GRID is suitable for normal wall conditions

GRID is a progressive aluminum frame system that enables the attachment of 4mm Carbon Zero HPL® phenolic or CompactWood® panels. Because the panels require no machining and no clips (they simply slot into place), the system is installed extremely quickly and panels can be trimmed on site to meet any site conditions without the need to refinish edges.

The GRID System

GRID wall panels are made from durable, water resistant and impact resistant solid phenolic. Standrard anodized aluminum reveals can be custom colored for deeper customization. The result is a panel system that can withstand the rigors of relatively harsh environments and can be delivered and installed very quickly.

GRID panels are available in CompactWood® and Carbon Zero HPL® Phenolic. Custom Digital designs can be developed in house.

Projection is 1/4" (6mm)

Reveals are anodized or custom color aluminum.

Key Features

  • Fast to install
  • Only 1/4" total projection - smallest in the industry
  • Durable high impact and water resistant finish
  • Hundreds of colors, faux woods and real woods to choose from
  • CompactWood® and Carbon Zero HPL® Phenolic