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American Architectural Products Group is a linearly integrated wood products manufacturer providing Wood Solutions in the form of innovative wood sheet materials and fabricated Architectural Systems.
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InkSonics® Digital Solutions

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InkSonics® Digital Solutions are available in High Pressure Laminate, Phenolic, Exterior Phenolic, Fabric and Wood.

InkSonics® Digital takes your digital file and applies the image across multiple components to deliver truly seamless digital elevations. Acoustically transparent surfaces are also available.

The InkSonics® Process

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AAPG are capable of digitally printing virtually any surface. Once printed, our post lamination process ensures the print remains sealed for it's effective life. Our lamination process is anti-microbial delivering the perfect surfaces for clean environments

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Printing on wood, HPL decors, and fabrics is step one. Step two, is the manufacturing of finished panels, acoustic panels and components that are precision machined to ensure picture perfect fit on the job site. Our engineering team is on hand to ensure every detail is considered.

Digital laminate Panels provide the ultimate challenge. Especially on curved walls, and especially if you want them acoustical. Our Wall Panel Systems are designed for the most demanding applications. Below, the Hoover Dam Visitor Center's curved walls include custom digital photographs depicting the history and construction of the dam.

Fabric wrapped hemp acoustic panels digitally printed with the mascot and the history of Sligh Middle School appear in the reception area of the school.

Key Features

  • Your Graphics or Ours
  • Images across multiple surface types
  • Images across multiple thiknesses
  • Acoustical Options
  • Lighting Options
  • Wood, HPL, CompactWood®,Phenolic, Glass,Metal
  • Works on our Panwall® System
  • Panels Supplied Framed or butted

Recent Projects

sligh middle school

Sligh Middle School

InkSonics Acoustical Fabric

InkSonics Digital Fabric wrapped hemp panels with concealed panel fasteners.

dunedin city

Dunedin City Hall

InkSonics Acoustical Fabric

InkSonics Digital Fabric wrapped hemp panels on Panawall® System