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American Architectural Products Group is a linearly integrated wood products manufacturer providing Wood Solutions in the form of innovative wood sheet materials and fabricated Architectural Systems.
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Beautifully Simple, Functional and QUICK to install. Planks are suitable for normal wall and ceiling conditions and are supplied T&G with a concealed fastening clip that requires no machining or measuring.

Planks are available as acoustical or standard in both Real Wood Veneer or Carbon Zero HPL®. Because the Planks require no machining they are simply cut to length on site, and when installed in a traditional pattern are virtually waste free delivering maximum yield.

The Plank System

Planks are made from MDF with impact resistant HPL or Real Wood veneer as standard. Concealed stainless steel fasteners are supplied with each plank to make installation on either the wall or ceiling a breeze.

Enhancements such as Class 'A' Veneers or HPL's and Class 'A' or Moistiure Resistant substrates can up the performance factors to cope with more demanding environments.

Acoustic planks can be either perforated or slotted and come complete with acoustical fleece backers.

Planks are available in Real Wood Veneer and Carbon Zero HPL®. Custom Digital designs can be developed in house.

Projection is 1/4" (6mm) and standard plank thickness is 3/4" (18mm) for a 1" (24mm) overall depth.

Custom color substrates are also available to enhance long edge joints between planks.

Key Features

  • Fast to install
  • Durable high impact and water resistant finish
  • Hundreds of colors, faux woods and Real Woods Veneers to choose from
  • Carbon Zero HPL® and Real Woood Veneer
  • Acoustical Slotted and Perforated Options